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The major news is that I have released a new recording titled: “3.” It was recorded in May, 2018 became available in mid-February, 2019.


“3” documents music that I believe in and have performed many times over the years. Those of you who know me know that I am not highly enthusiastic about most music written for trombone. We really only have a handful of good pieces and a couple of great ones but mostly we exist in a musical wasteland, making the most of what we have. This recording combines a  few works originally for trombone: Bourgeois, Turner, Gabaye with others transcribed: Meza, Prokofiev, Bernstein.


My sincere thanks go to Jonathan Whitaker for helping me make this recording. Jon is a supportive friend and a patient producer.


You will also hear that I have a terrific partner in pianist Kay Kim, someone I have known and have been performing with for 12 years.


There are clips and ordering instructions here.


The printed liner notes are here.


Further information can be read in my blog.


One thing that I will share about the recording is that there is no mastering of the raw sound files. What you hear is how I sound, with no filters or enhancements. My thanks to Jason Robins for setting the mics in a way that accurately captures the trombone and piano sound.


Other than that, I have added a few blog entries to my site here.